Queen Brushands

Fashion Film

Directors- Aviv Kosloff & Einat Dan _  Make up artist - Einat Dan

Fashion designer - Antonio Urzi _ Stylist - Pablo Patan _ Editor - Dalia Castel

Producer - Moritz Wessendorff _ Line producer - Katerina Chaimanta

DP - Seffy Hirsch _ Set designer - Shir Levanon _ Music- Tomas Moked

Cast - Nina de Lianin - Lex Olsen- Clemens Buchwald

Winner of "Best Costume Design" prize at the International Fashion Film Award (La Jolla Fashion Film Festival).

Nominated for "Best Hair & Makeup" Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South Africa Fashion Film Festival.

It is a dark fairy-tale about the Evil Queen, her Robot slave and the handsome young Lover.When the queen’s cruelty makes even the emotionless robot break, a magical robot fairy comes to the rescue and unleashes a horrible punishment on the queen.

The film is a showcase of Antonio Urzi’s rare genius in combination with the unique richness of Einat Dan’t make-up and body-painting art.


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